Chemistry Expo XXIII, mari Ramaikan Yai


Chemistry Expo XXIII, mari Ramaikan Yai

📚OKI (Olimpiade Kimia Indonesia)

📝 Theme : Be A Great Millenial Generation  with Chemistry Olympiad

The competition will be held on:

📆 : August 3rd 2019 till August 25th 2019

At courtyard of departement of Chemistry, Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty, University of Lampung.

 📚National Essay Competition📚

Theme : The Role of Millenial Generation in an Effort to Optimize The Industrial Era 4.0

The competition will be held on:

📆 : June 16th till August 19th 2019

The announcement of a Winner on:

📆 : August 24th 2019

 📸Chemgram (Chemistry Instagram)📸 

Hello! Show your talent and ability in the art of photography, handlettering and poster design by joining us!

Theme : Beat Plastic Pollution with Chemistry

The competition will be held on:

📆 : June 21th 2019 till August 14th 2019

📍 :  Instagram


Theme : Join Us For Some Explosion Fun

Hi Millenials! Are you lazy to go far away for some food? Don't be confused and don't let your stomach sad begging for food! Let's go to Bazaar Chemistry Expo HIMAKI FMIPA UNILA

The Bazaar will be held on:

📅 : August 19th 2019 till 31st August  2019

📍 : Faculties of Mathematics and Natural Science, Lampung University

Don't worry, you can also get a cool things such as:

📸 Photobooth

📚 Book Sale

🧪 Magic Science

🍴 Food and Drink

Registration, term and condition of competition can be seen in the guide book at http://himaki.fmipa.unila.ac.id

Mark your calendar so you don't miss the chance!

Find us on:

Instagram: @himakifmipaunila & @chemistryexpoxxiii

Line: @mnk8642w

Twitter: @HimakiUnila

Facebook: Himaki FMIPA Unila

Youtube: Himaki FMIPA Unila

Website: himaki.fmipa.unila.ac.id








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